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We Livinnovate are going to organize  A Free Webinar on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Issues, Challenges, And Opportunities”

21th Apr 2022
05:00-06:00 PM
Abhishek Nair

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What you will learn in this webinar?

By studying entrepreneurship and innovation, you can learn the underlying principles of starting a business, avoid common pitfalls, pitch ideas more effectively, validate your product, develop a solid business model, and set yourself up for success in a field where failure is common


Critical thinking

There’s no application that doesn’t demand at least some level of critical thinking. Being able to spot and compensate for your own biases, analyze the roots of various problems and discover alternative perspectives on certain subjects can help you address issues more thoroughly.



Entrepreneurship also forces you to be creative. While you can’t force creativity, you can practice it — and the more time you spend generating creative thoughts, the better and faster you’ll be at doing it in a practical environment. How you apply that creativity is entirely up to you.



Entrepreneurship is rife with hard times. The strategies you thought were brilliant (and, hypothetically, perfect) may not work nearly as well as you thought they would, or you may reach a point where your finances are stretched so thin that you have to consider closing up shop.



As the founder of a business, you’ll be in charge of all the decisions. You’re the ultimate source for accountability, and you’re the one who makes the rules. At first, this will be both exciting and intimidating, but as you become more familiar with your role, you’ll start to accept that level of independence and direction as fundamental to your being.



It doesn’t take long to realize how much entrepreneurship demands. You’ll be spending countless hours working on your ideas, and managing full teams of people (not to mention partner, vendor and client relationships). In some ways, entrepreneurship can be seen as a juggling act. In others, it’s a game of micro-economics


Personal branding

Spending time at the helm of your company, you’ll have the chance to develop your personal brand. You’ll get some press coverage as the “face” of your organization, you’ll attract more followers to your social accounts and you’ll likely have the opportunity to publish more content under your name.

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21th Apr

05pm IST

Risk factors of

For entrepreneurs, there is no guaranteed monthly income, no guarantee of success, and spending time with family and friends can be a challenge in the early days of launching a company.

Abhishek Nair

Director – Livinnovate


I attended a webinar which was conducted by Livinnovate about ” How to Entrepreneurship mindset can change your life”. It’s very useful I learnt many new things. Keep it up.

Aasha Shani
PGT Biology - KVS

Straight forward discussion with understandable language, thoughtful and direct advice. Pleasant disposition to make you feel at ease. A good day sport.

Nilesh Parmar

The workshop gave me clarity, focus and a plan.

Thank you, it was fantastic!

Shubham Kothari

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